Things you are doing wrong – preventing weight loss!

Things you are doing wrong – preventing weight loss!

..and here is how to correct them.

The list of thing you doing wrong with food habits through out the day, not losing fat and preventing weight loss

Wrong Breakfast: Breakfast governs many important factors, such as your energy levels, metabolism and day long satiety.
Breakfast should contain a good amount of carbs, and protein, with a small amount of healthy fat (found in eggs, chicken, and other natural sources). Use a minimal amount of butter or oil.
While my personal favourite breakfast is 2-3 egg omelette and 2 slices of toasted bread, vegetarian options could include a handful (one fistful of almonds) or soybean, paneer to compensate for the protein. Carbs, I prefer lighter carbs, but a parantha to a maximum two is acceptable.

Not drinking enough water: You have no idea important this one is! Water is the most, I repeat, the most important part of your daily food intake. Yes, food intake.
Water assist your body in all functions, and is a near constant requirement.
The body tends to trick us by sending signals we are hungry, whereas actually we are just thirsty. If you are not drink water at all or very less like bare minimum, then its wrong. You end up eating something such as junk food.
Drink a glass of water whenever you feel hungry first.

Lack of portion control: Not controlling your food intake will ensure an uncontrolled waistline.
Not all of us are blessed with blazing fast metabolism. Yes, lucky them.
Your stomach is as big as a small bowl. A katori, in Indian household speak.
Put your lunch in a mid-sized katori, and eat that quantity only. Drink water before and after.

Starving and bingeing: A stupid thing that people do is starve, and then binge on junk foods like chips and fries, momos, pizza, and other famous nutrition lacking foods.
Don’t be stupid.
Patience is the key to forming a fresh habit.

Snacks: Snacks should be fruit, or vegetable salad. You need to eat a big bowl of vegetable salad to remove the acidic content of your stomach. This is the only food you can eat as much as you want. Avoid salad dressing, though you can consume moderate quantities. Remember, salad dressings are fat.
A small 5 rupee pack of peanuts in the evening is my favourite, though bingeing on them will set you back on your body goals very quickly.

Dinner: The earlier the better. A 3 to 4 hour gap between sleep time and your last meal helps a lot.
Alcohol: Just tell everyone you can’t drink. Because you are sick, or your liver is messed up, or any bullshit reason because people think drinking is cool.
Alcohol is pure rotten sugar. It will make you fat so quickly, it is unbelievable. I once gained 4 kgs in a single night because I drank 5 bottles of beer and had some chakhna. If possible, avoid alcohol. At least don’t allow yourself more than one pint of beer or one peg of whiskey a week.