Portion Control

While it may appear that I am directly speaking benefits of portion control, here is how to implement it in your diet.

Portion control for correct diet
We as indians love eating till our stomach explodes. the correct method of understanding your portion is to eat very slowly. the moment you feel full is when you should stop eating, no matter how delicious the dish may be.
once you know the quantity of food you require, implement this portion for that group of food, like carbs.

Breakfast is the best meal of the day, as anything you eat here will be completely burned by the body. Best to provide a good source of protein and a healthy dose of carbs. Avoid oil and butter like the plague.
I have never restricted my intake of tea or coffee, mind you I take a few drops of milk in my tea or coffee, not desi boiled milk chai. Green tea is bullshit.
Salad does not need to be restricted to any portion, that is one thing you can enjoy as much as you want.
I like rice, which I restrict to a small bowl, or katori in Hindi. Twice a day, once for lunch and once for dinner. you need to work on your self control
I loved how stupid the image is, where I wanted to depict measuring food, the fool took a caliper to a sandwich!